Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lost My Way

So, where have I been? The real question is where haven't I been? The girls turned 1 in February. We had a quaint little pool party for them and the following week we embarked on our journey across the world. Yes, I am that mom who travels with two 1 year old babies from Germany to America...alone! It wasn't as bad as I imagined. People weren't throwing rotten tomatoes at the back of my head as my babies screamed for 9hours. Actually, it was more work visiting family and friends than it was to travel with them. 

I eat, breathe, and live twins. My home is equipped with two of everything I need. It is also gated off in a variety of ways. I'm 6 months pregnant with our next child and I just dont have the energy or will to chase these two throughout the house all day. I know the gender of the baby... do you want to know? Maybe I'll reveal a little later in this blog. After traveling from Germany to Baltimore, I connected there to Phoenix. I spent three weeks without my husband (aka partner in crime) there and then off to St. Louis and later a drive to Chicago and back to St. Louis. I'm already planning next year's vacation... this will NOT include a stateside trip! The costs are outrageous and the girls will be too old to lap. Instead, we will travel with our twin girls and son throughout Europe. 

My goals since returning from my 5 week anti-vacation has been to get out more with the girls. They are both walking and very active. I try to attend two playgroups or activities per week with them. They have a blast. Lilly is no bully and Gabby is coming into her own. They are completely different kids and I'm in love with watching them grow into little ladies. So far, I have accomplished this goal and a bit more. Now, when Im home all day I think about all the fun we could have had out and about. Usually, the only thing stopping us from even going into the backyard is the weather... yes, it snowed the other day! Im ready for spring and butterflies and warmer weather. 

I havent been cooking as much lately, but I have plans to bake a homemade apple pie this evening. I will be sharing that horror story very soon. Im still working on the book and plan to have that complete before the arrival of the newest edition to our family. I've also updated my hair regimen if you're interested. I promise to have more interesting and witty words the next time I write.

Until then... CIAO!