Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Im a hooker

Recently I've befriended a very nice lady. She lured me into her life and her heart. Slowly she began showing me a new way of having fun. Her joy became my joy. Her obsession became my obsession. She is a hooker and she has recruited me as well. Does that make her a pimp? My pimp? A madam? I dont know what label you will give her, but I call her my soulmate. She has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of hooking.

My husband knows what I do. My children have even watched and I've let my oldest twin hook a little as well. She has to learn some time and 3 years old is old enough in this house. Judge me if you want, but when you're up late watching tv wasting your time, Im hooking and making money. Well, Im not making much money yet from it. Im still a newbie.

My mom taught me how to hook when I was younger, but I didnt stick with it. Hooking is just like riding a bike!

Ok, ok... here goes. I CROCHET! I love it and my kids love all the beautiful things I create. My husband is so supportive of my crazy endeavors. My stash of yarn is ridiculous already. Let's get a few things straight, well one thing. I dont knit. Crochet uses a single hook and knitting uses two needles. Get it now? Hooking? No? Really? Hmm...

Here are a few pieces I've completed in the last few months.

Elmo blanket for my son. He sleeps with this every night :)

Hippo blanket for a dear friend of mine expecting her first girl next month. The colors and animal match her nursery theme.

My son wearing a bearded beanie.
Im finishing a Doc Mcstuffins blanket for one twin and the other wants Dora. My husband has an awesome Chicago teams mashup waiting in queue. 

Crocheting does come with a little pain. Depending on how you grip your hook you can have
discomfort in your fingers, wrist or like me in the space between thumb and index finger. I very tightly grip my hook like a pencil and it has caused some sharp pains in that area. I've researched different hooks, holds, and possible relief methods and I've come up with this. I made some porcelain clay and molded it to fit the hook. Then I held it and pressed in the areas I normally hold without allowing too much pressure. I tried a few stitches and I like the grip and it feels great. Im hoping this added space will cause me to open the space between my thumb and index finger allowing less strain. The clay will dry after a few days and then I'll spray with a gloss and viola! The recipe was quite simple if you want to make some of your own or just make clay projects.

Porcelain clay recipe:

3/4c    white Elmer's school glue
1c       cornstarch
2tbs    baby oil 
1tbs    lemon juice

mix all ingredients over a low heat w/a wooden spoon until chunky like mashed potatoes and no longer "wet" in appearance. 

add another few drops of baby oil and knead at the warmest temperature you're comfortable. 

you can add color at any time. adding acrylic paint in the initial mix gives an even coloring or after like mine to have the swirl effect.

store in the refrigerator in a ziplock bag with as little air as possible. 

takes 2-3 days to dry and up to a week to completely dry. trying to cure this in the oven can cause the material to expand and then shrink more than the original design. 

This weekend I'm going on my TRIP OF THE MONTH! Cant wait to share that experience with you all. Until then...