Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pregnancy Dream Analysis

Pretty soon I will be taking the girls with me on a trip across the globe ALONE. Im sure to have great stories at that time. For now, we are all sick and stuck indoors due to a blast of random snow. How I hate snow. Im a sunshine kid! Born and raised in Arizona. 

As you may have heard (from me) I am three months pregnant. As before, I have the worst morning sickness. Blah... I wish it was just in the morning. Unfortunately, it last all day. I have had some of the strangest dreams. This is my attempt at dream analysis. 

Dream 1: Aliens Vs Babies

Im stuck in an abandoned building. There are huge evil aliens attacking the building. Normally, I'm an ass kicking ninja in my dreams. I'm thin and sexy (like in real life lol) and I never get injured or frightened. Well, not this time. This time I have a screaming baby with me that wont shut up. It keeps giving away our hiding spots. The aliens are chasing me while some random people are fighting them off. I'm running down stairwells and hiding in attics and the whole time this baby wont shut up!

Analysis: Aliens are deaf to a baby's cry. Why else didn't they ever catch us? 

Dream 2: Fatty Bacon

In this dream I'm talking to my sister. She is upset about the package of beef bacon (yes, this exists) she purchased. She starts to pull out the raw bacon and show me how much fat is on each piece. She is clearly disgusted. As she lays each piece out I nod in agreement and say, "Yea, that's gross." All I can think about in my mind is how delicious it all looks. 

Analysis: Beef bacon is delicious. I should eat some when I wake up. 

Dream 3: Elisha's Anatomy 

Here I am living the dream. I'm a doctor on Grey's Anatomy. I am Callie. Maybe my mind chose her because she is the only one that actually gave birth to a baby. Or maybe I secretly envy her luscious black hair. I'm going into the bathroom and I have shooting pain in my side. I can't walk and I'm screaming for the other people to help me. They drag me in and ask what to do. Someone suggests calling the new team in to treat me, but the cast from Grey's isn't having it. Instead, they do everything they can to not allow the new team at the hospital help me. Now, Im thirsty and bleeding. Then a random doctor pulls out my chart. The only thing on it is my weight and blood pressure. She keeps harping on the fact that I hadn't lost enough weight before this pregnancy. I walk to the sink to get some water and it comes out brown. End dream. 

Analysis: Grey's Anatomy needs to air another episode. 

Ok, so maybe my analysis is a little off. Did you really expect more? Time to nap while these babies nap- but we all know that wont happen. 


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