Tuesday, May 29, 2012

time? what time?

The other day I received a message stating my blog is lacking in posts compared to last year. This is very true. I can say that chasing my twin 15month old daughters while being 29 weeks pregnant plays a factor, but really... I've just been lazy. I lack the motivation to do any writing. I have been more successful in getting the girls out to more play dates and doing more around Germany, but the trade-off is compromising my writing goals. How to balance it all? Well, when I've figured that one out you will know because you will have the option to purchase my finished book :)

We did get out to the Kaiserslautern Fair before it ended last week. The weather was beautiful and the food delicious. The girls tried cotton candy and we had milkshakes after our chicken dinner. The milkshakes were not at all what I'm accustomed to, but they were okay. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to like desserts in Germany. Many Germans tell me that Americans like their sweets too sweet... WHO SAYS THAT? Well, maybe we do, but what other way is there to enjoy a sweet delectable treat?

The only downside of our outing was dealing with a group of locals who were a bit pushy and rude (no, not here hahahaha). We were sitting down to dinner when a group decided to sit at the table directly behind us. I must preface this by saying that in Germany people are sat (and sit themselves) wherever there is room. If you're sitting at a table that seats four and their are only two of you, then be prepared to share that table with another couple. The problem was not that they wanted to squeeze in behind us, but that they thought it okay to push one of our daughters forward while trying to get through without saying excuse me or ask us to let them pass. Well, I tried to move forward as much as my pregnant belly allowed and I pushed my daughter's chair up as well. My husband actually speaks a bit of German and told the group, "The words are excuse me" in their native tongue. I dont know if it was his tone or the shock that an American spoke German or that someone decided to give them a lesson on manners, but one woman in the group was not particularly pleased. They ended up moving to another area... an area with plenty more space.

Well, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weather from my couch while the girls finish their nap. I will be visiting a spa soon (part of my awesome Mother's Day gift) and can't wait to tell you all about it.


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