Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pinterest = Crack

Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest. Yes, I think in my mind I will one day create all types of fancy meals and party favors. I'll amaze everyone with my homemade crafts and appetizers. People will applaud when I walk through door holding platters of hand crafted Santa Clauses and reindeer cupcakes. In reality, I like everyone else, pin away without another thought as to when I'd actually get around to doing anything. I pin ideas that I want to start immediately and others I see starting in the not so distant future.

Well, even with three munchkins running amuck and our move into our new place, I was able to actually complete a few pins. Say what?!

Who has seen the cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker? This chick did and she made them... TWICE. They are so delicious. I purchased the pillsbury rolls in the can and placed them in the waffle maker. I will warn you... it's messy to clean up and you have to hold the iron down if yours doesnt have a clamp that locks it shut. These treats are worth every minute I spent cleaning the waffle maker.

We also tried a dish called buffalo chicken and potato casserole. It's even more amazing than it sounds. The sauce wasnt too spicy and the potatoes were so crisp while the chicken was surprisingly moist. This will become a regular in our meal rotations.

Another easy one was the baked meatball subs. Talk about yummy. The hubby couldnt get enough of these. They reheated in the oven perfectly too.

I've also incorporated a few ideas from pinterest into my daily life. I now use a shoe organizer as a way to store my cleaning supplies. I've also started using vinegar and baking soda as my staple cleaning supplies. I even have a batch of vinegar soaking in a jar of orange peels. Pinterest you amaze me.

Lastly, I created a magnetic makeup board. Since we moved, I havent had a chance to hang it up. When I do, I will take pics and explain in more detail the creative process.

What have you pinned? What have you actually created or implemented? I know I'm not the only one out here constantly checking pinterest, pinning away masterpieces and secretly stalking random boards.

Until next time people... CIAO!

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