Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Ok, so this year I'm all about the practical new year resolutions. I know we set these huge expectations for the new year. We are all geared up to make big changes and to finally become the person we've always envisioned as our real true selves. Well, this year Im setting practical and reasonable goals.

1. Workout. That's it. Get your fat ass up and exercise. Im not going to say how many times per week, how many minutes or anything. Just workout this year.

2. Spend a year in Germany NOT pregnant. Let's try a pregnant free year in Germany. I want to enjoy our last two years here without gaining another 40lbs and lugging yet another car seat into every establishment. Im already a circus with my double stroller, backpack, and baby dangling from a front pack attached to my body. Wait, doesnt that count as a workout? Aha! Goal 1...check!

3. Dont worry about the pile of laundry. Who would've thought 2 adults and 3 babies made so much laundry? Im not going to worry about it anymore. I'll just do a load when I remember to. That, or I'll teach Gabby how to load the washing machine...that's an idea.

4. Get out more. Do more things out and about. We live closer to our friends now and Im not currently pregnant. So, no excuses. Time to get out there and visit more places and people and try more foods!

I think those 4 are good, reasonable goals. Pretty much Im telling myself to get out of the house and eat! Ha! Now we're talking about some pretty damn good resolutions. I challenge each of you to evaluate your own resolutions and compare them to my pretty awesome ones.

On a more serious note. I made the best dessert ever the other day. I combined some recipes I've seen on Pinterest (yes, Im still addicted). It's a 3 layer gooey goodness.

bottom layer- oreo & graham cracker crust (oreos, graham crackers, butter & cinnamon)
next a chocolate chip cookie layer- however you want to do this. just spread it evenly. I used a box kit.
top layer is a brownie layer.
bake until the brownie is cooked enough that you can push a toothpick in and it comes out clean.
let this cool all the way so your layers dont collapse (yep I learned that one the hard way)
EAT! We'll just say I took this picture so you could see the middle with all of the layers NOT because we ate half of it before we could get the shot LOL.

Enjoy your day with the ones you love! CIAO!

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