Tuesday, February 19, 2013

awww, cute!

My daughter, Lilly, will give her siblings a kiss and then say, "Aaaww...cute!" It's the cutest thing ever lol. Well that's how I felt after spending a romantic day with my husband last Friday.

We went to a Brushstrokes & Bellinis event here in Germany. I've done this two other times with friends and absolutely loved it! A very talented artist guides you through step by step on how to paint the picture she has chosen for the class. Your blank canvas transforms into a lovely painting in the end. You're almost shocked that you can create such a masterpiece. There are bellinis of course and plenty of food the people in your party bring to share.

At this particular event the theme was for couples...obviously for Valentine's Day. We spent the evening with another couple we've grown to love since moving to Germany. They also have twins and are just as funny and silly as we are. The evening was spent laughing and painting and enjoying some good eats (and for them some good drinks). Our pictures turned out completely different and I love that. Though we all draw inspiration from the same original picture, we all have the autonomy to create. The other events she held were a little different than this one. Normally, you receive a blank canvas and step by step from the background to foreground she shows you how to paint using different techniques. This one, she had pre-sketched the image onto our canvases and you and your partner shared a canvas. While I loved the idea of us painting together, I didn't like having to "paint by numbers" per se. It was also awkward painting together on one canvas. I wouldve liked to each have a smaller canvas and later put them up side by side. Overall, I really had a blast that night. We will have memories to last a lifetime and that's what it's all about.

Side note... Gabby has a very short attention span for arts & crafts and her dad is EXACTLY the same way! hahahahaa...

Here are pictures from that night with our friends and the other two I created in the past. CIAO!

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