Wednesday, April 3, 2013

why didnt i think of that?

That's how I feel about all of these gadgets, kid toys, and random crap that people buy up by the thousands. Why didnt I think of that? I could've been a gagillionaire! Yes, that's a real word.

All of the things I would do with a gagillion dollars... The one thing I would do IMMEDIATELY is hire a maid and a separate live-in nanny. These kids are the cutest, bestest, most adorablest, creatures ever and I love with with all my heart...but I think they turn into gremlins if I feed them or pour water on them EVER! Little snots hehehehe!

I'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about. You either have kids or have seen kids lol. They are out to get us. I should've named them Trickster 1 and 2. They plot and plan to take over my mind and make me do things for them. Things like make them food and drive them around to see their friends and bathe them and- wait...CRAP...they've got me! I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, but that's just my ploy to get a spa day!

I dont really have anything to talk about, but I wanted to let you all know I'm still here. I recently took a trip back to the states to pay my respects to my grandfather who passed away. I took my son, but left the girls. It was quite an experience traveling with him. Though I have take them across the world alone, he seemed to be more trouble! I'm planning on getting some projects done this month that I've been putting off. I want to start actually using my sewing machine and finish a few crafts I've put on hold since FOREVER.

My next goal is to obtain my international driver's license this month so I can drive myself to France for a quick getaway! Check the facebook page for my most recent culinary creation :)


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