Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Workout? What about my hair?

I've recently made a few changes to my lifestyle as you are aware. I've transitioned my hair back to its natural state (relaxer free) and I've committed myself to a healthier lifestyle & diet. Since I normally wear my hair curly and up, I can rinse or co-wash (wash my hair with conditioner.less drying than shampoo) daily after I workout.

Then there are times when I've spent the better half of a day roller setting my hair and who wants to sweat out hours and hours of hand cramps? Im not exaggerating, my hands usually start cramping toward the end. What's a girl to do? Skip out on her workout to maintain her do? Well, some would say yes. Hell, some avoid working out altogether for this reason.

I was watching some YouTube videos when I ran across this product that "saves your do" while you workout. Pretty awesome and I thought it would be neat to try out. I went to the site and was very impressed with everything EXCEPT the price. We know Im cheap. It's actually not overly priced, but I knew that I could recreate the design with items I already owned.

The idea is to keep your hair from becoming drenched with sweat which would revert your straight or stretched hair back to its curly state. You wear a specially designed headband while you workout made of whatever material. The material soaks up the sweat without damaging your hair like cotton.

Hmmm... my mind began to wonder. Could I make this with a sweatband? Scarves? Well, I threw out the sweatband idea only because I cant really adjust the tension like I can with a scarf.

I took a cotton scarf and folded it into a long rectangle. Then I took my satin triangle and folded it around the cotton scarf ONCE. Any more than once and the sweat will start to roll down your face instead of being soaked up by the cotton. Then I tied it around my head and worked out. It's important to tie your hair up into a high ponytail to keep the ends dry. Here are some pics to help with my explanation.


This is AFTER the workout

Now, Im one sweaty person when I workout and let me tell you. After I finished over an hour of cardio & strengthening I had almost no sweat running down my face. I took off the scarf contraption and it was SOAKED! I was able to wring out the sweat. Gross. The true test was when I examined my hair. Viola! It was not dry but it was only slightly damp and still straight. Remember to keep your hair in the ponytail until it has dried. YAY! Cost me nothing, but if you have to go and buy these items you can usually find them for $0.99 each. 

Ok ladies, no more excuses. You can keep your fly hair and get that matching body!

Until next time... CIAO!

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