Thursday, July 12, 2012

paying to pee

Yes, I had to pay to pee today. And that's just ridiculous my friends. Let me start from the beginning. My day started as any other. I had plans to meet up with a friend at the Neunkirchen Mall here in Germany. The only mall I've had a pleasure of visiting has been the Styles Outlet Mall which is all outdoors. That would be fine if it wasn't always freezing or raining here. So, on my way to the mall I'm cruising along in my speed demon aka Shelby II aka my minivan. I round a corner of the highway and attempt to pass a semi-truck pushing along very slowly. As I increase my speed in the left lane, I notice it... I spot the blue van. In that instant I realize that I'm about to get FLASHED! I see the lights and cameras setup alongside the road and I gaze down at my speedometer. I'm only going about 10 km over the limit, but I know that's 10 more than allowed. I close my eyes briefly as the bright Men In Black flash swoops over me, capturing my horrific moment in time. Too bad my memory of it doesn't get erased like in the movies. The worst part of it is that the ticket wont arrive in the mail for months. After I've finally forgotten about it and pushed the anger out of my mind, I'll have to relive it all over again.

Well, nothing to do but continue to drive. I find the mall and finally a parking space in the parking garage. My friend is already waiting for me inside and we begin our shopping extravaganza. 

I'm shocked to see a regular indoor mall. Fully equipped with a water fountain, LA Nails shop, tiled floor and a plethora of vendors down the center of the strip. I inhale slowly and exhale as I relax and begin to enjoy my experience. 

The stores are quite varied. There are stores I recognize immediately like La Nails, H&M, TK Maxx (better known as TJ Maxx) and Burger King. Then there are places I couldn't believe existed in a mall. There are groceries stores and bakeries sprinkled in the mix. My favorite was a store called Pretty Woman. I just knew that inside would be Rodeo Drive, hookers, fishnets, and bad wigs. None of that existed. Julia Roberts would be disappointed. It was just an accessories store. 

Neunkirchen Mall courtesy of

We made our way through them all and chose a few items to purchase. After we shopped for a bit, hunger took over and we made our way to the food. There isnt a traditional "food court" as I am accustomed to in the states, but there are plenty of options. Full restaurants, ice cream parlors, smoothie joints, and fast food spots line up and await our decision. We choose a very chic looking Asian spot. Between our broken German and the pictures we think we have made our lunch choices. Luckily, the chef speaks English and we are able to confirm what's in our meals. I dined on a very delicious crispy chicken over a bed of low mein noodles all covered with a light sweet sauce. I'll definitely be returning for more. 

As we wrapped up our afternoon, we made our way to the restrooms before embarking on our long ride home. Not only are the bathrooms so tiny I could barely fit in them with my pregnant belly, their toilet paper is as soft as sandpaper and get this, it costs to pee. You read (heard) me right! It costs .30euro cents (however that is written) to use the restroom. There's a lady standing outside of the restroom among several signs reminding you that peeing in public after you've spent your money in the mall will cost you! I shake my head and laugh as I fork over some change. I probably should've snatched some extra paper towels or ass sandpaper on my way out. 

Even with paying to pee, I had a great time. I love that people can bring their dogs into the mall and they are well behaved. The people with five year olds riding in strollers and sucking on pacifiers still shock me. And in Germany if there's an inch of space in the line someone is stepping into that space. It's nothing personal- just efficiency. I made my way home driving a bit below the speed limit and happy about my time at the mall.

Sorry there aren't many pictures, but that just gives me a reason to return.

Until next time- CIAO!

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  1. I had to pay to pee in Mexico. The soup was laundry detergent and she only have one flimsy piece of paper to dry your hands on. As fat as TP, what is that? LOL


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