Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my wolfpack of 5

Thank you all for being so patient with me. My mother is here from the states visiting (aka keeping me sane) and we welcomed the newest edition to our family two weeks ago; baby David.

 I had the twins and David all at the same hospital with the same doctor. This is no easy feat in the military medical community. We were blessed that our doctor was able to see us at every visit and happened to be on rounds that day when we arrived in full blown labor. She saw my name on the list and declared to the staff that she would be delivering our baby. I was ecstatic. I was not comfortable with the midwives and doctors on call that day and I had arrived right at shift change. This is unfortunate because you start to bond with your nurse then BAM! they are gone. It was fate that she had arrived. Not only did she keep me calm, massage my back during the worst labor pains ever, but she kept everyone else around me in check and even yelled at me when I wanted to give up pushing that enormous head out! Unfortunately, three anesthesiologists could not complete an epidural for me due to my small/tight spinal spaces. I always thought it strange my epidural with the twins "wore off" before delivery. Nope, it was never "in" to begin with... :(

So now, we are a wolfpack of five. My life has changed once again. The twins were a much easier pair as newborns. David is so high maintenance. We are all adjusting...slowly, but adjusting. The girls have rare moments of clarity and realize there's another small person in the room, but most times they ignore him. They do like all his little things and want to touch everything. Gabby can even say "baby" now. I think I was psychotic having a baby while the girls are only 18 months old, but I keep reminding myself they will all be in school at the same time.

Sleepless nights, screaming babies, potty training, diapers, feedings, pumpings, more diapers... all driving me to the nuthouse now, but soon I will forget about all of this.

Can someone please tell me how soon?

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