Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a bitter sweet visit

Growing up, my mother was not the typical doting figure I saw on Leave it to Beaver. Okay, okay... whose was? While I cant recall going on camping trips, her cheering me on from the sidelines of any sport or driving me around town to different kid's events/friends' houses, I do remember being loved. With all of that said, who is this woman that has come to visit and help me with the twins and our new edition?

This grandmother slides down the slide in the playground, turns flips on her head in the living room, goes to the zoo and pool parties all in the name of grandparent-hood. The girls cant get enough of her. Even baby David watches her every move and adores their one-on-one time. I know that staying with me isnt the easiest thing to do at times (hell ask my husband), but she is amazing.

As her 60th birthday nears at the end of September, we have decided to send her on several trips. She will be touring Switzerland this weekend and Paris next month. At the end of this month we are planning a trip to London. This is her first time overseas and probably will be her only trip. I say let's send her packing to Arizona with special memories and pictures to last a lifetime.

My life will SUCK when she leaves. How will I ever cope with three children... or should I say three babies? I really do believe having them all the same age (triplets) would've been easier. Now, I have to try to incorporate the baby in our daily routines, while still giving him the time and love he needs. The girls are potty training right now and that in itself is a job. My mom has taken over that task while she is here. My youngest twin is a rockstar! She wears undies at home and a pull-up out and about. She tells me when she has to use the restroom and has very few accidents. Few meaning 1 accident every other day if that. The other twin? She hides in a corner and pees on everything! She has only actually gone in the potty chair a handful of times and shows no sign of conforming! Oh well... at least when mine go to school they will ALL go to school :) And I will be dancing and celebrating... laughing hysterically. Until then...


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