Friday, February 28, 2014

Where's your tooth?

Good morning! It's morning somewhere. I took the kiddos swimming today and then promptly passed out at 8pm. So, naturally I am awake at 2am with absolutely way too much energy. Brilliant! Let's blog away.

This month I did travel to the beautiful country of Austria. I took a guided tour bus with a great friend. Im not very fond of long bus rides, but they do provide a few hours of peace. Pair that with a great friend and it has to be an amazing trip. We laughed, huddled together to keep warm, stuffed our mouths with delicious treats and laughed some more. I love laughing. I have that super loud, it must be funny, why is she still laughing so hard laugh. I cant help it. Laughter is good for the soul.

We did take a lift up to the midway point of the Alps. It was breathtaking and freezing. Which forced us to drink hot tea and eat cake at the little cafe. There's always a reason to eat cake :) Please take note of my fabulous wild hair. One day I'd like to say that hair got me a free (fill in the blank) or because of my hair I was taken backstage at the Beyonce concert! One day... one day.

Fast forward to the end of February and I find myself at the doctor's office with all three of my children. It was just the regular well baby examinations. The twins are now 3 and my son is 18months. I'd like to give a special shoutout to Jesus for keeping my kids sane and well behaved during our 3 hour stay there. We arrived at 7:40am and didnt leave until 10:45am. To my horror and shock, they removed all toys from the waiting area due to possible germ breeding grounds. Yea... ok. We were seen and my girls were dressed in their Doc McStuffins' lab coats and stethoscopes. After our visit we waited for my son to get his shots. This is where the fun began. At 7:40am there's not much traffic in the waiting room. Now closer to 9:30am there's plenty of amusement.

One particular young man was about 10-12 years old and very interesting to say the least. He was unassuming at first. He simply sat with his mom as they waited. If you know anything about my daughter Lilly, you know she is Ms. Social Butterfly. I'm not sure where she could possibly get that from (he he he). He never knew what hit him. She approached him and greeted him with her favorite line, "Hi! Im Lilly Bean!" This is what we all call her and so of course this is what she calls herself. He responded and offered to show her his dinosaur book. My other two children approached and all were listening very intensely to his lesson. All, but Lilly. She was focused on his mouth. Her eyes were narrowing and her eyebrows were taking on the shape of that fearful letter M. And that's when it occurred. As he was pointing out some other amazing fact, Lilly promptly interrupted him, "Where's your tooth?" And bless his soul, he didnt miss a beat. His mother giggled and I just shook my head. He tried to explain to her about some future surgical procedure. Even I tuned him out at this point. His mother told Lilly it would grow back. Lilly looked at him again and said, "Dont swallow it." And with those words of wisdom she walked away, leaving her siblings to continue the dino lesson in her absence. My child. How do you raise a little you without filters? With love :)

Next month's trip is going to be super amazingly awesome! I cant wait to share it with you. I wont say I'll write before then, but I hope I do. Writing is so therapeutic. Even if my sister is the only one who reads this! Until then... CIAO!

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