Saturday, March 22, 2014

I woke up like dis

Im completely convinced Beyonce has ecstasy sprayed over her crowd through the ventilation system at her concerts. No, I've never tried ecstasy or any other drug for that matter. This is the only explanation I can formulate for the calm manner in which we all waited over 90 minutes for her to take the stage and for the camaraderie we displayed during her performance. Let me explain...

Beyonce's show started right on time with her warm-up DJ hyping the crowd. He flooded our emotions with current hip hop as he bounced around the stage. Of course he demanded people stand up and bounce around and throw their hands in the air. The long haired sister to Cousin It standing next to me refused to do any such thing and I was just as bougie. We bobbed our heads and shook our booties to a few lyrics, but we were already restless. After his 30minute warm-up session the giant monitors flickered on and a video played advertising some way to upgrade your seat. Blah blah. Then a few minutes passed and the backdrop fell down displaying BEYONCE in bright pink letters.

You'd think she'd appear within a few minutes of all this hype. You'd be in the mindset of the other thousands of people at this sold out concert. Yet, there was no Beyonce. There was nothing. No hype man. No more large monitor advertisements. Nothing. The crowd started to do the wave. I was actually on the ground level so it was pretty cool to watch the wave go around me in an almost complete circle. This lasted a few minutes before they all began chanting Beyonce's name. Still... nothing. I started to get annoyed by everyone trying to push their way around and Cousin It's hair was covering my phone as I tried to text my husband about our wait. He of course has JayZ on speed dial and told him to tell his wife to get this party started. He listened and moments later a euphoria spread over the crowd as Beyonce's dancers kicked off one of the greatest concerts ever. I imagine this is the exact moment the ecstasy was pumped through the vents. Everyone was in complete awe. 

The next 90minutes seemed to go by like a blur. Fire explosions, dancers, half naked Beyonce, more video, more Beyonce, glitter exploding from the stage and falling on us like snowflakes, and crowd singing filled my world. Cousin It and I no longer hated each other for being in one another's personal space. We were booty shaking and fist pumping with the rest. When Beyonce sang Flawless it was like she and I were soul mates. We both "woke up like dis" over and over and over together. I should have been upset that everyone was holding their phones in my view to take their pictures and video or that Mrs. Carter took forever to take the stage or any of the other countless nuances which occurred that night, but nothing seemed more important than singing and dancing. 

Other than my drug induced concert experience, I had a wonderful weekend with my family. The city of Cologne has much to offer. I was shocked to learn that 80% of the city was open on Sundays! That in itself was amazing. We arrived Friday evening at the Hilton and enjoyed dinner at the hotel. It's a quick 2hour drive (or less if you speed like my husband) from Kaiserslautern. Our weekend was filled with visits to the chocolate museum, Oddysseum Science Museum, zoo, Triangle Observation Deck, organic vegan candy store, Hard Rock Cafe, train ride tour of the city, shopping and plenty of dining. We walked everywhere with our 3 toddlers. My husband backpacked my 18month old son and the twins rode in their double umbrella stroller. As always, we were the spectacle. 

Ecstasy. That's the only logical explanation.

My favorite moment was placing our engraved love lock on the bridge.

It's never easy traveling with three toddlers, but we manage. I can't wait for my next trip, but I think I'll leave the kids (and drugs) alone :) 


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