Friday, October 7, 2011

the beginning of my novel

*Here are the first few pages of my novel... like me, it's a work in progress. Tell me what you think.*


Title: Epiphany

Fridays are my favorite day of the week. I can see everyone bustling about the office trying to hide their excitement for the weekend. These mothafuckas dont know how to live at all. I work in a boring ass accounting firm. Most of the time I just sit in my office and play solitaire. Im an executive assistant to the CEO. Big deal... I’m his glorified secretary. I’m not stupid. This fat ass and these big DSLs (dick sucking lips) got me this job and I’m not complaining. 
Im definitely not hard to look at. I’ve got light brown eyes, flawless mocha skin, and long naturally curly hair. These hoes always trying to dog me in this office, but if they spent more time at the gym and less time worrying about what I’m doing they wouldn't have to wonder if I’m fucking their man. They need to be worrying about if their man is trying to fuck me. 
Lately, I’ve been in a funky mood. And it shows. My jobs is boring. I sit behind this desk all day. There’s one time each day that I can honestly say Im excited. I get a little warm tingling feeling all over my body and I dont even try to hide it. Each morning the CEO has a meeting with the heads of each department. Clint works on the 2nd floor and I’m the 4th so I dont see him after this, but those few minutes are like heaven. 
Clint isn't built like a football player and he isn't really that cute. He is an average brother. You can tell he keeps in shape, but doesn't hit the weights too often. He has a very lean body. His teeth are very straight and very white which gleam against his dark chocolate skin. He always is dressed to perfection from head to toe. I’ve never seen even a single piece of lint on his clothing or anything out of place. Clint is married. His wife is gorgeous. I’ve seen her three times and each time all I could think about was her walking in on us fucking. I imagine his head between my legs and breasts in the air. She walks in and he doesn't even stop until I climax. Damn, now that’s some shit. I dont really give a shit about their marriage or if he is happy or not. I just know that I need to fuck this man. I want his hands all in my hair and his lips devouring my neck. 
Every time I see Clint I smile and flirt, but I just cant break him. I cant get a peep from him. Not even a cute flirty smile back. It’s always super professional and short. I dress sexy, but not slutty and I make sure my hair and makeup are perfect. I know I look good because I walk down the hall and both men and women turn to stare. My nasty old ass boss calls me into his office on way too many occasions for absolutely no reason at all. But I know he just wants to see my ass in these tight as pencil skirts. And you better believe I make sure he does. I dont make $75,000 a year because of my typing skills.
As Clint is leaving the office I make my way to cut him off at the door. I very politely ask him if I may speak with him. It’s important I wait until everyone else has left. I dont want everyone in my business, plus it’s not as easy for him if someone else is listening. Im determined to sleep with this man. I need to. It’s like an addiction. Im not trying to be his girlfriend or even a steady fuck buddy. I just want to ride this stallion one time and exit stage left. 
Clint follows me back to my desk and Im strutting like I’ve never strutted before. When we get to my desk I turn abruptly so he has to bump into me. He stumbles a bit of course not expecting me to turn so quickly. I pretend I’m going to fall and he grabs me around the waist. My God this man has strong hands. We are so close right now I can smell the mix of coffee and peppermints on his breath. I make sure to lean forward like I was really going to fall. My breasts are against his chest and I make absolutely no effort to move away. 
“I’m sorry. Excuse me. I can be clumsy sometimes,” my words come out in short pants. 
“Not a problem. Just glad I could catch you before you fell,” his voice rolls out so smooth like silk. I cant take this shit anymore and I fill the small gap that remained between us. “Look- um..what was it that you needed from me?” he asked the wrong damn question. I slid my hands around his and slowly rubbed my hands all the way up to his shoulders until my fingers laced behind his neck. I leaned in and gently tugged his face toward mine. Believe it or not, this asshole didn't budge. Instead, he removed my hands from his neck and placed them by my side. That. Shit. Turned. Me. On. This man rejecting me was the hottest thing I could remember. He didn't utter a single word. He just turned and walked back to the elevators. 
I love a challenge and Clint has done nothing except peak my interest even more. 
Chapter 2: Clinton
I cant believe this woman. If I have to see her fine ass one more time in a short skirt I’m going to bend her over that desk and give her what she wants. Damn... I hope this hard-on goes down before I get back to my office. 
I love my wife. I think my wife is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I worship her, but I’m a man. I have physical needs and sometimes a little variety is good for the diet. I’ve never stepped out on my wife and I dont plan on starting. Especially with some piece at my job. I’m on my way to becoming a partner, but not if I start acting up. Plus Don, my boss, has his eye on her. She is his assistant for a reason. I dont even know what she sees in me. Half the men in the building would give their right arm to have the opportunity I just passed up and the other half would give their left. I think back to the first time she spotted me. It was like a tigress eyeing her next kill after being starved for days. Had I been a single man I would’ve handled that right then and there. Then again, had I been a single man she would’ve spotted my empty ring finger and moved on to the next married man. 
Women like her are seriously twisted. They say men dont make emotional connections when having sex, but we do. We just know how to separate ourselves from it if need be. The idea of only sleeping with me to ridicule my wife and have something to hold over my head doesn't sit well with me at all. What’s between her legs has no value, especially when compared to the priceless love I have for my wife. Enough of that BS. I need to get my mind right. Lenore is probably waiting on me and she can always tell when something is up.
Lenore is my lead accountant. We work the advertising sector of the firm. It’s actually not a bad gig. Sometimes we even get invitations to some nice events. Last year we had dinner and drinks on the roof of the Hilton for their 85th anniversary celebration. I couldn't believe the turnout. Lenore wore a gorgeous blue backless dress. The light hit the sequins and the reflections danced in her eyes. I accompanied her with a clean black tux and my bow tie matched her dress perfectly. 
I can see her already in my office. Probably wondering why the other department heads have returned. I’ve already told Lenore all about Don’s assistant. Her advice was to stay as far away as possible. Good advice. I didn't try to run into her today. It was inevitable. Lenore was waiting in my chair. I can see her typing away madly on my Mac. She never wastes a moment. I know she is checking and responding to emails and probably organizing my calendar all at the same time. 
I chuckle at her creased brow and determination resting on her golden face. She is a simple woman. She hardly wears any makeup and her hair is usually tied up in a bun. Her hair is curly and natural. She looks up at me as if to say where the hell have you been?
“I was attacked by the demon that possesses Mikaela,” I answer her question before she even has the chance to ask. 
“I thought Don had decided to promote you a whole six months early. I was about to send out the email announcement and start packing up your office AND mine!” The smile on her face tells me she is only half joking. Ambition. 
“Not just yet... soon though. I was leaving and she tried the old I need to speak with you routine. I’m about to report her ass to HR,” I lied. 
“No you’re not. You probably stopped off at the bathroom to adjust Bill Clinton before coming to your office.” How the hell does she know me so well. I can only smirk in response. I head nod for her to move out of my seat as I reclaim my throne. Bill Clinton is what I call my dick. She really does know too much about me. What she doesn't know is my boy Roger calls her Monica. 
It’s almost time for me to make my daily call home to the wife to check on her and the kids and tell her how much I love them. Monica-eh I mean Lenore- knows this too. She tells me we have a meeting in twenty minutes with the staff and to not be too long with Raza. I agree and watch her close the door behind her as she exits, just slipping through the door like the wind. Her tall 5’11” frame glides down the hall. I can see her through the frosted glass that stands as the walls of my office. 
“Hello...? Clinton is that you?” a voice on the other end of the phone interrupts my daydream. 


  1. Oooooook, I love it so far girl:) Love the name too! If you ever need/want an editor and you don't have one, let me know. I like how your characters give the reader no room to question their motives. Creates an odd sense of trust between your voice and the reader. I look forward to reading more!

  2. love it so far i cant wait to read the entire novel!


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