Wednesday, November 2, 2011

going marbles

I'm addicted to YouTube. More specifically, I'm addicted to YouTube videos about hair. I love to watch tutorials, reviews, etc. It doesn't matter. I subscribe to a ton of women all caring for their hair and teaching me as I progress on my own healthy hair journey. WELL... YouTube will display other videos you may be interested in based on what you've been watching. I started watching some Nicki Minaj inspired hair and makeup videos and was shown another video that YouTube thought I'd enjoy. It was JennaMarbles' video What Nicki Minaj Wants In A Man... huh? So, I clicked it anyway. I am so glad I did. This chick is hilarious. She does tons of comedic videos and vlogs. Her skits cracked me up so much I just had to subscribe. Her videos are not for children! As you watch her videos you learn a little more about who she really is. She is a go-go dancer and blogger who has a master's degree and apparently is flat broke. Why am I finding a trend in the more education one has the less they get paid? Hmmm...

Well, today I was reminded of another JennaMarbles' video. I went to pick up some paperwork today about the car accident I had earlier this year. Remind you, I live in another country. Things are a little different here. The ladies were very kind at first, but most are because of these f-ing cute babies HA! As our conversation continued she didn't like what I had to say. I was very polite and my tone never changed, yet she couldn't just answer my question.

Me: What is the appeals process?
Evil lady: You have to have a good reason.
Me: But what is the process or steps I take.
Evil dragon: Once you have a good reason we write up a letter.
Me: So do YOU decide if it's a good reason. Will my appeal go to you?
Devil: No, we help you write up your letter if you have a good reason.
Me: Can you just tell me what the steps are. What happens after the letter is written?
Evil Devil Dragon Lady: BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ... good reason

This honestly went on for 15minutes. My husband was there and he was also unnervingly calm. Another lady comes over and tells us they can call to find out info about the other driver and what has happened on his end. Fine do it. So the Evil Lady calls and of course the entire conversation is in German. She hangs up and starts to tell me about WHY I DONT HAVE A GOOD REASON! Are you kidding me? I interrupted her and said that was NOT why you were calling and I still don't care what you have to say. What happened on his end? She says they can't tell her that. Well, that is what you said you'd call to find out. At this point I'm tired of talking in circles to the mother of the Blair Witch Project and ask for my paperwork. We point out the entire ordeal seemed like a secret society handshake deal where we were getting screwed in the end.

JennaMarbles Elisha, why the intro about that crazy go-go dancing comedian? She does a skit on How to Avoid Talking to People You Dont Want to Talk to... I WISH I HAD APPLIED THIS TODAY! In case you dont watch her video (just click that link), you have to make a strange face AND commit to it. As the person keeps talking or nervously laughs you hold the face. You don't snicker or waiver. Yes, this is my face... I am sure it would've worked!

**Don't worry, still working on the book! By the end of the month you'll have more to read than you can stand! LOL**

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