Monday, September 12, 2011

i live with jekyll and hyde

As we all know I love to eat. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods. I battle each day with healthy food choices and motivation to work out. This blog is not about those struggles. This blog is dedicated to a phenomenal weekend with my twin daughters.

Each morning I wake to little feet banging against the side of the crib. Gabby usually wakes up first and she likes to turn on her mobile with her feet. After the music has played long enough for her liking she rolls to the edge of the crib and watches herself in the mirror. She lifts her baby legs high into the air and slams them down against the mattress. This child is hilarious. When you peek over the railing at her, her face lights up. She is truly overjoyed to see another day. Her smile is infectious and I quickly scoop her in my arms and kiss her round cheeks. We quietly tiptoe into my bedroom and talk about her dreams and what we have planned for the day. She loves to touch the side of my face when we converse and for just a moment I sometimes believe she really understands what I'm saying.

Then my Lilly begins to stir. Her mornings aren't as sweet and blissful. I randomly check on her after Gabby is up, but she is too happy to sleep in. Some days I have to wake her because we either have an appointment or she will be off schedule with Gabby. The key to maintaining my sanity is to keep my children on the same feeding schedule. They have always been on the same schedule and have slept through the night since 4 weeks old. Back to Lilly the Grouch. Once she finally tosses and turns enough to wake herself up I can hear her grunting. She makes little grunting "eh" noises to alert the nearest adult. When I reach the doorway and pop my head in she is already staring back at me. It's like she is saying, "Duh, didnt you hear me. You know I'm awake." When I lift her up and pull her close to transport her to my bedroom too, she looks at me and smiles. When she smiles she tucks her head down as if she is shy. I kiss her cheeks too and tell her how much I missed her since last night. My girls are my world and every day they amaze me.

This past weekend we went to a mom & baby music class hosted by an awesome teacher and friend, Lorraine. She had plenty of activities and songs and instruments. My girls were the youngest, but they shook those rattles and beat those drums like professionals. I heard them talking about it when they went to bed that night. Lilly cant wait to go back and Gabby is already planning on requesting her favorite song; the ABCs. The next day we attended a birthday party at an indoor funhouse. There were blowup slide, trampolines, a fake Thomas the Train ride, and plenty of other really cool kid AND ADULT activities. Yes, the hubby and I took part in the fun. Of course we said it was for the girls as we held a baby and slid down screaming for joy and laughing hysterically.

I cant wait to tell you about this coming weekend. My wedding anniversary is this week and I think we both have some amazing things planned for each other. Im so giddy! I love surprises... mostly receiving them :)


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