Monday, September 19, 2011

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir

Ok so I never knew what that line meant from the song until I just looked it up! And now I love it even more.

Ahh... sweet Paris (and I pronounce Paris as Pair-ee). We had such a beautiful time. Our express train left Thursday morning around 8am and arrived just shy of two hours later. Yes, we took the twins with us. I just could not bear to leave them for 3 nights in another country.

Our first thought was to walk to our hotel room, but after looking at our GPS we realized it was a 6km walk with two babies and luggage. We opted for a taxi. We could not have been more wrong. If you have never driven in Paris, just imagine driving in New York with L.A. traffic and no street markings. Then add in the number of people in China times two. At that point you just begin to understand how absolutely ridiculous and dangerous it is to operate a vehicle there. Not to mention the crazy people on scooters and bicycles weaving in and out of traffic.

Our hotel was amazing! Amazingly small. The room was as big as a closet and the shower was big enough for me to stand in, but to move in whatsoever. It was like walking into the corner of a room. Two sides were walls and the other two were exposed with a thin shower curtain that just kept flowing in and out of the shower. I cant stand gross shower curtains touching me while I bathe. The bed was two twins pushed together and of course each night we took turns yanking a baby from the space between the two mattresses. Hey, but it had free Wi-Fi and was in walking distance of EVERYTHING! So, can we really complain? Yes, I can! hahahaa... Each morning we ate croissants because the rest of the breakfast options were either disgusting or untranslatable.

This trip was my wedding anniversary gift from my husband. He really is an awesome guy. He does not plan things psychotically like myself, but it all fell together quite nicely. I will be uploading tons of pics over the next few days.

We saw The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Grand Palais, Arc de Triomphe, walked down Champs de Elysee, and so much more. We walked and shopped and walked some more. My feet have blisters on them, but I would not have it any other way. We backpacked the girls for our bus tour around Paris. As we were loading up we saw Al Roker & wife, Deborah Roberts. They looked so sweet walking hand-in-hand. We toured the Seine on a gorgeous boat tour.

The Eiffel Tower was delightful and always our landmark when returning back to our hotel. We saw it at night all lit up and it was breath-taking. My husband had the bright idea to stop waiting for the elevator and walk down the stair from the very middle section. I, like an idiot, followed him. We took the stairs. I dont think you hear me. We walked down the stairs from the middle of The Eiffel Tower to the bottom. Oh, I failed to mention we were front packing 15lb babies. I contribute my ability to eat bread all day and only gain 1lb to that hike down.

Paris does not like to accommodate parents with changing tables in the bathrooms. What else could I do but to change them wherever I could. They also have a very bad habit of charging you to use their restrooms. Luckily, I avoided these pay stalls. My husband was not so lucky.

People were just as amazed at seeing twins in Paris as they are in Germany. We have no problem telling people No! when they reach for their faces. I still do not get it. As I was asking the front desk clerk for help booking our bus tour another hotel guest stopped to talked to my husband to ask him about raising twins. I dont know why people do it, but they just cant help themselves... she asked him was it natural. Why is it such an important topic? I think my new response will be, "No, it was doggy style."

Overall, I could not have asked for more. I think we are going to try to return to Paris every year for our anniversary. Why not? We are only a few hours away.

Check for Paris pictures!


  1. I loved the blog sis. You summed it all up on 1 page. I know y'all had a ton of laughs. Thanks for telling me how to get twins now. Ill stay on my back from now on. Lol. I know it was wonderful taking a dream vacation with the ones you love the most. Waiting on pics now.

  2. Aw thanks! There was so much to say and I didnt know what to leave out. Today's goal will be pictures pictures and pictures! :)


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