Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes, WWF is old school, but that's what I grew up on. If I wrestled, my name would be FATSMASH. I'd come out in a pink sequined mono-kini. My hair would be braided in a huge fishtail ponytail. And I'd carry a mysterious plastic pink sequined purse. In this purse would be gross disgusting animal fat. I'd pour it all over my opponents.

That's so gross, I need to stop myself right there.

My fat smash diet is going pretty well. I've been a little busy with the girls. Gabby has her first tooth which equals total little brat and both had their 6month shots yesterday. Always fun- I mean sad- to watch their little faces turn from happy and giggling to squished up red monsters with the wide open mouth and silent scream. Needless to say, I havent updated you on my weight loss progress.

I weighed myself mid-month and then again yesterday. So far I've lost 6 lbs! YEA for me! If I can average even 10lbs per month I'm well on my way to losing these last 30 by Christmas. I havent cheated on the diet and I'm getting my cardio in at least 3 times per week to start. I even threw in some weights and abs this week as a bonus! My hunger battle isnt so bad on day 5... told you! I think the party in the kitchen is over. I saw some fried chicken hungover and throwing up in the sink. I told them to lay off the grease, but you know how fried chicken loves that flour & oil.

Unrelated: I made a lipgloss using the Blistex in the jar, Aquafor, and some eyeshadow powder. I love it. I've heard of people adding in honey, vitamin E, vaseline, kool-aid, etc. Maybe some of you have your own recipe? I'd love to hear about them. 

We are planning AGAIN to try to make it to the castle that inspired Walt Disney. I hope to return with tons of pictures and hopefully funny stories.

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