Thursday, September 8, 2011

a trip to a castle

Sweat poured down my face as I hiked up the most ridiculous path to the Heidelberg castle. It wasnt until later that we realized this was the BACK way and so that means everyone should be walking downhill! We were not alone on our journey. Others panted next to us as they continued to stop and breathe heavily. They would pause and watch us continue passed them with not only a camera bag and a diaper bag, but also babies strapped to our chests in frontpacks. I think they started to second guess their gym routines.

Making it to the top of that hill was such an accomplishment that I treated myself to a few days off from working out. That and I dont think I would have been able to kick it with Kathy Smith the next day.

The castle was beautiful. We took tons of pics and journeyed through the few portions open to the general public. We later understood why it was so cheap to enter. Their revenue is from the tours they give and that's how you gain access inside. Oh well, maybe on our next castle trip.

The girls received their usual amount of attention, but with them being so close to our bodies no one dared to touch their faces. Plus, people rarely do so when my husband is around. Probably because he is terrifying! bwahahhahaa

We rode the little train up the hill and down again. There's a nice little German fairytale amusement park somewhere along the train stops. Once the girls are a little older we will return.

I had a very nice time. We walked around the city and returned to the parking garage to begin our 90 minute drive back home. It was a relaxing weekend. I'm hoping to make it out of the country soon since the girls now have passports. We just wanted to be sure to have something tying them to us before we venture out.

Not too many laughs in this post, but believe it or not, my life isnt always laughter and smiles...just 98.7% of the time. Until my next post... ciao!

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  1. that sounds beautiful and that also sounds like something you would do. accidentally take the hardest route possible! I liked this one


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