Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Bird from Sesame Street tastes f-ing delicious!

Sesame Street live was awesome. Of course it wasnt as good as when I was a child. I recall sitting next to my mom with a glowing necklace and growing anticipation. The very next moment I was being lifted into the air by Big Bird and being carried to the stage. On stage I was able to sing and dance with the characters as they performed the famous "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street" song. My bright eyes flickered with passion on the brink of a seizure from AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD.

Ok, so that's how my 5 year old brain remembers it. I'm 99.9% sure none of that happened, but instead I sat next to my mom and clapped and cheered... if I was even in attendance!

I took the twins to see the Sesame Street performance a few days ago. We were so lucky to grab a few extra tickets as it seemed everyone was trying to get their hands on them. I was super disappointed at the turn-out. A good 6-8 rows of seats remained empty in the back and when my husband finally arrived he said he just walked right in.

I added pics on the Facebook fanpage. There were quite a few missing characters I would liked to have seen (yes, this show was for the 6month old twins who have never even seen Sesame Street and not for their almost 30 year old mom...sheesh!); Bert & Ernie, The Grouch, Snuffy...and Big Bird.

Ahh Big Bird... just thinking about you makes my mouth water with chicken envy. Rumor has it Big Bird was traveling through Germany when he came upon Hinkelstall. Germans, knowing how to cook some chicken, couldnt pass on the opportunity of preparing this delicious creature in my honor. That's why Big Bird was not at the show... sorry everyone.

I hate to admit this, but we returned to the infamous Hinkelstall for more f-ing delicious chicken last night. You just cant go wrong with a delicious, inexpensive, CHICKEN meal within walking distance from your home. I stuck with my regular order of Hinkel BBQ. I still cant believe it's half a chicken!

I did drink this creamy blended cocktail concoction called Coconut Kiss. It's an alcohol free drink and I believe I tasted coconut, orange, pineapple, and extra goodnesses I cant even describe. Everyone should have one and raise their glass in a toast... a toast to me! For finding you the greatest chicken place on Earth!


  1. I thought Lilly Gave you a toast already!

  2. HOW DARE YOU EAT BIG BIRD.....without hot sauce.


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