Thursday, August 4, 2011

remembering the good ol' days

How fitting my first post is about me reminiscing... I intend for this blog to be about my current and future self, but before I can move forward let's have one more quick look into the past.

I've always been a heavier person, carrying about an extra 25-50lbs at any given time. 2009 was my year! I lost 60lbs and felt great. I started working out (2hours per day) and loved it. Im such a gym whore. I loved and still love Gold's Gym. My goal was to keep it off and I did until... I DECIDED TO HAVE KIDS.

My determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle would not be circumvented by carrying a child. My goal was to at least get to the gym 2-3 times each week. What a plan! What a goal! What a crock of -!

After puking half my body weight in food each day, I discovered I was pregnant with twins. (Insert scared/confused/happy? face) Let's just agree that I was a beautiful pregnant woman and I exercised just as planned... since you're agreeing to nonsense let's also agree to you sending me half your paycheck each week.

Now my girls are almost 6months old and I'm still battling with these last 20lbs. I have begun working out in my home with Kathy Smith's Fat Burning Workout and some other lady's indoor cycling DVDs. My hubby was so kind as to purchase a spin bike for me. I'm still convincing myself it was because he just knew I couldn't live without spin and not because he saw my fat ass spiraling into the depths of obesity.

Which brings me back to my point... the good ol' days. I remember wearing a size 8 (which looks great on my 5'9" frame) and not worrying about trying to squeeze in a quick workout while my girls nap. My memories of toned abs and not passing out after the warm-up are quite vivid.

So today, I challenge myself to actually USE the jogging stroller I purchased and take these babies out in the fresh air. I'll snap some photos of this gorgeous park as proof that I went.


  1. Yes those were the good old days... I remember losing weight and being a very happy size 6 before deciding to have my last child. Well 7 years later I'm still battling dropping pounds. I should admit that my efforts have been halfhearted. This is this first year I've seen real progress. I've dropped 35 lbs so far, 15 more to go to be where I want to be. With all that being said, I wish you good luck on your journey. I know you'll do whatever you put your mind to doing.

  2. You are an awesome woman Elisha. Half of the battle is recognizing where you are at or once where at and simply moving forward. Exercise is hard to swallow and once you hit the pavement there is no looking back. You will accomplish the goal you set and you have awesome scenery and a great support system to do so. Remember this one simple fact no matter where you are at: YOU ROCK!

  3. Oh and may I add...get on finding more trails girl because I'll run with you when I come to visit hehehe....and you know I will!


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