Friday, August 5, 2011

yea for small miracles

I have no problem patting myself on the back, but lately I've just had little to no energy to complete the "extras" in life. I won't blame the twins. I'll just say the two small tenants we've recently acquired are needy. Yesterday I challenged myself to talk a jog in the park with my double stroller. I won't lie- I didn't quite jog the entire time... or half of the time... but I jogged dammit! And sweat poured down my
face and I beat that pavement like it owed me money when rent is due. German's stared in awe as this beautiful creature graced their presence with adorable twin babies. Okay, maybe not the reason they stared in awe, but they stared. Can you see the determination in my face? The focus, the drive, the intensity? Thanks, but I actually had stopped jogging about 10 minutes prior and was on my way home. Still...good shot right? 

The girls enjoyed their time. We geared up for the run and before I reached the end of my driveway they were passed out and drooling. So I had to endure the pain alone. But darn it if they aren't just as cute as can be. I already forgave them. 

I've come to the honest realization (yet, again) that I hate jogging. I hate it more with a double stroller. The ultimate truth is I HATE THIS WEIGHT even more. So I'm kicking my fat ass all over this town if that's what it takes. 

The other good news for the day; my attempts to become a freelance writer are progressing. My first article with my company was approved! The comments from my editor said "Excellent work, well researched, and no errors!" Now if that isn't a boost I don't know what is. Just wished they paid more in dollars than they do in praise.

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