Tuesday, August 9, 2011

you're hired

Haven't heard those words in awhile. Recently I went on an interview for a childcare facility. I felt so rusty that instead of highlighting my two master's degrees, 7 years of experience and my apparent love for children, I came off as a babbling belligerent idiot. Oh well, I'm sure someone more qualified to baby-sit was hired.

So now I'm spending hours on end digging through piles of free-lance writing websites and teaching from home listings. I remember the days of grabbing the classifieds, circling a few jobs with a pen, and planning a day to drop off your application or resume. Im either over qualified or under qualified. I must be qualified to do something! Yea I know what it is- stay home and change diapers and whine on my blog :)

Life isn't really that bad. I'm just a worker bee far from her hive and Im trying to collect nectar, but every flower is dried up when I get to it. I did start ghost writing some articles online. It's not too bad. I login to the site, choose which articles I want to write and I see right then how much they pay. Then I write them and submit to my editor. Pretty easy. I get to write as little or as much as I want.

I'm also editing a pretty awesome book for another lady I've met here. Once we've completed the work I'll try to convince her to plug a few pages in on my site for a free sample reading. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard her concept, but I was impressed in the end (and Im not easily impressed). In my mind it's like Avatar meets Air Bender while avoiding Twilight bwhahahhaha...that probably only makes sense to me.

I'll continue the hunt for employment, but I'm going to stop obsessing. I should be enjoying my time as a new mother of twins. Even now, I look over at them asleep on my bed and I can't help but smile. Sorry about the ranting on today's entry- tomorrow's should be better. Im planning on going grocery shopping today at Wasgau (a grocery store here in Germany). Never a dull moment when you're using your iPhone to translate labels and pushing zwillinge (twins).  

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  1. did you really try to apply for child care..... you have twins! you're already employed with childcare. you should just go to the German government and say "gimme some MONEY you know how hard it is to take care of 2 mini crumb snatchers, guten tag....punk!!" just my take on it...


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