Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nappy Nivea Ad

After browsing through my favorite hair site ( I came across this ad. What are your thoughts? I really believed this was one of those doctored photos, but after I Google'd it I realized I was wrong. What did I do without Google? Oh yea, I remember. I asked my mom who said ask your teacher. HA!

Now, I also found this ad on my Google quest. What are your thoughts about this one? 


  1. Before I saw the other version I knew what they were trying to say. But whatever... Did you see Vogue's slave earrings?

  2. Yea there's such an uproar on the hair site. I was a little offended by the ad, but then understood once I saw the other. I will say that I'm more offended by the word choice than the picture. I had not seen Vogue's slave earrings. I checked it out...smdh


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