Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a shopping trip

I needed to get out of the house. My mind was starting to go crazy and I think my husband was getting a little tired of my restlessness. Today I decided to take a trip to a small shopping center. There are some "dollar" stores, an H&M, Woolworth, food, clothing, a huge waterfall and so much more. Doc told me to stay off my knee so I drove instead of taking my usual stroll.

Damn doctor. I blame him for my parking ticket today. Just pulled on in to a spot and didnt realize there was a paybooth behind me. Oh well... as my husband says, "no worries."

We walked and enjoyed the fresh air. I was able to pick up a few items I had planned on ordering online. That's always a good day! And they were super cheap!! I spent 6euro today and I completed my shopping list of haircare items and household cleaning supplies.

On our way back to the van, before my day was ruined by that white and orange paper in my windshield, I decided to stop in H&M. At this point, I was still on the hunt for a satin headband. Woolworth had a Hannah Montana one, but as much as I would have loved to rock it, I left it there. Maybe if it wasnt purple and if it didnt say Hannah Montanta on it. Just a thought.

Damn this double stroller. I wanted to check out the hair accessories, but they are on the 2nd floor. Do I feel like taking the lift? Sure, why not. I'm so happy I did because the first thing I see is a very cute, black, satin headband! YEA! Here's where the real fun begins...

At the register two H&M employees are speaking to me. I have no clue what they are asking except when I hear "zwei madchen" or "zwilinge" (two girls or twins). This is how I imagine the conversation went:

employee 1: Hello, do you want a bag? (this I'm sure she asked)
me: no thank you
employee 2: Are they twins? (again, this is what she said)
me: ya
employee 2: Oh, what beautiful baby girls. You are such a lucky woman to have been blessed with twins. I cant believe how incredibly slim you are for having had a baby, but you had two!
employee 1: I wish I was you.
employee 2: Me too! I hope you shop here everyday so we can see your wonderful babies and you.
me: bye

You dont know that's NOT what they said!

*BTW- Doctor says to stay off knee, ice, and massage. He did say that it's like Osgood-Schlatter! Just like I said. And he says looks like a build up of fluid from trauma. Will treat and watch for a couple of weeks. If nothing changes then we will drain it. :(

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