Thursday, August 11, 2011

a nightmare on elm street

Remember that song from A Nightmare on Elm Street? One, two Freddy's coming for you... Well, I didn't make it to Wasgau, but I did do a little shopping today. Lo and behold my German friends did not let me down. I don't know what it is about twins, but everyone wants a peek. I have to admit, even when pushing my own set, I get excited to see other twins. So, this little old German lady starts singing to the girls. No biggie right? What's the harm in a cute nursery rhyme? Well, I wouldn't have been so puzzled if this German nursery rhyme didn't have the same tune as that Freddy song! Who sings that to kids? I was waiting for her hand to escape from her gown and reveal a hand of claws. Then her face would turn into the scarred mask of Freddy himself. Instead, she continued to sing and congratulate us on our beautiful babies. I would have been more entertained by the metal nails tracing the side of my face and Freddy's disfigured face breathing next to mine. I'm going to give myself nightmares!

Speaking of nightmares, I had a terrible one the other night. I was being chased by huge birds. They were as tall as people and flew vertically not horizontally. With long necks like an ostrich, they squawked in the air and tried to kill me. At one point I was with my husband, but he ran ahead and left me to fight them alone. Is that a subconscious thought of my husband's ability and/or desire to protect me? Probably not. More than likely it was my mind's reaction to the brownie I snuck right before bed! I did outrun them (fat ass and all) to my old townhouse in Phoenix (on Camelback Road). That was the last I remember... I should try to sketch these monstrous beasts for you all to see. I draw stick figures so I'm assuming that won't do either of us any good.

On to happier thoughts... Im super excited about this weekend. My husband is taking us to see a castle! There are some beautiful ones here. I know Walt Disney designed the castle based on one here as well. Whichever we see, pictures will soon follow.

I know you've been wondering and you're dying to know- how is the workout coming along? Is she close to her goal of 10lbs this month? Or is she still a lazy fat ass pretending that climbing her stairs each day is equivalent to cardio and strengthening combined? Sorry to disappoint all you optimists, but I'm still a lazy fat ass. Let me finish- it's with good reason! I somehow banged my left knee and I have a huge knot developing. I can barely walk and I hobble everywhere. My husband offered to buy me a cane today and the sad part is he was 100% serious and I was very close to accepting his offer. Fear not my friends, for I will be making an appointment tomorrow to see a doctor. Hopefully it's nothing major and I'll be able to resume my Fat Burning Workout.

I think my goal tomorrow will be to relax and enjoy my babies. Maybe we will roll around on the floor and make carpet angels.


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  1. Thought: If birds are only flying vertically... Can't you just step aside horizontally if it's coming at you and let it hit the ground? Also, Krueger is a German name, so I would keep an eye on that old lady. She might be one of Freddy's relatives! You're probably safe from most other American villains, but bone up on the German ones and let us know what you find out.

    Looking forward to the pictures of the Schloss!


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