Sunday, August 21, 2011


I kept trying to think of some clever and funny title for this post, but when it came time to sit down and write... chicken is all that it needs.

I love chicken. I love eating it. I love the different parts and ways I can cook chicken. If I could I would dress up as a chicken and hand out chicken samples at Chik-Fil-A.  Friday nights are my "night off" from being twin mom. My husband lets me take the night to relax, sleep, write, shower, scratch my butt- whatever I want to do. He watches the girls and then the next morning my reality returns and I'm no longer that 20something single chick, but I've returned back as that almost 30 year old MOM!

Lately, hubby has been very slick in his "night off" routine. Instead of me hiding away in the attic, he has us doing family fun stuff. Dont get me wrong, I love being with my family. There's never a dull moment when we roll out, but I miss my nights off. When we are out together I'm still super mom. I can't just sit there and NOT help. I mean I CAN and believe me I've tried, but it doesn't work. Those few hours of uninterrupted me time is enough to rejuvenate me for the week. I am blessed and I know it. My kiddos sleep through the night and have been since 4weeks old. So, I've been trying to stay up later to get my "me" time, but I'm just making myself more tired the next day.

So, this last Friday rolls around and I'm anxious to get my night off. I have all these plans of washing my hair and starting my book. Keep in mind Friday afternoon we attended a picnic, went to the mall, and grocery shopped. So, I'm a little worn out. I look at the clock and I'm just counting down those minutes to when I hear his tires crunch against the driveway. I love that moment- the moment I realize the baby to parent ratio has leveled out. The moment when I turn to look at Lilly and she looks back at me and I know she is thinking, "You may have help now, but there's always tomorrow lady!"

My favorite husband (yes, my only husband) walks in and the relief wave cascades over my tired little soul. BUT I get happy a little too fast. The next thing I know I have a child strapped to my chest in a front pack and we are headed out the door for a walk. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I still dont know. On our walk we decided to head home, feed the girls, and try a nice little restaurant by our house. We pass it all the time, but have never gone in. We get home and feed the girls and pack it up once again. It's looking like my night off isn't going to happen.

Chicken...the title is chicken. When is she going to tell us about a chicken? RIGHT NOW! The restaurant is Hinkelstall. There are pictures posted on the Twin Frenzy Facebook page. We arrive at Hinkelstall and it looks very beautiful. The employees are very kind and it's a nice cozy spot tucked away in a quaint little neighborhood. The front of it is actually hidden away behind a mini-forest.

Hubby actually understands German pretty well. Im still pretending with my smile and nod. We already previewed the menu at home online. Thank God for Google translate. I had decided I would have the BBQ chicken with fries and vegetables. This actually turned out to be an Old Bay seasoning rub on half a chicken that was then rostisseried. YUM! The fries had a little seasoned salt sprinkled on them and the vegetables ended up being a very fancy salad bar with homemade dressings and fresh vegetables. My words will never do this food justice. I took pictures, but you'd have to have this flavor explode on your palete to understand.

My husband is a very easy going guy. Doesn't really make a fuss about anything. Whenever we eat at home or out I have to fight for details about how good or bad it tastes. Not this time- he had the house chicken with potato wedges and a salad. When he bit into that breast his next 5 words shocked my system. I'm sure he is going to be a little pissed I'm telling you this, but I couldn't believe my ears. He very excitedly exhales, "This chicken is f-ing delicious." WHAT?! Seriously? I've been cooking for this man, slaving over a stove, juggling 4 pans at a time to ensure everything is hot when he eats and I've never received that type of compliment. I was a bit pissed off, but at the same time intrigued. How delicious was his house chicken? Had the Germans kicked The Colonel's (KFC) butt in chicken preparation? Was Hinkelstall the new Popeyes? I had to taste this chicken crack. And so I did.

I dont think a word has ever been created to describe my... my... disappointment! I was expecting fireworks, but instead I got sparklers. It was good, but not only was their BBQ version better, but my own chicken was better than the house chicken. Of course I've been giving him crap ever since about his 5word phrase. Yea, I'm a little bitter, but now I have a challenge!

Yesterday evening I attended a "Ladies Night In" potluck event. It is sponsored by 5 anonymous women who help us network and socialize within our community. I brought- you guessed it- chicken. I didn't just bring any chicken I brought some special seasoned, overnight marinating, f-ing delicious chicken wings! I created a marinade that I'll try to remember to add to the recipes page. Well, while it was cooking, he tried to tell me that my chicken smelled f-ing delicious and after he tasted a wing he said it again, but you cant fake that enthusiasm. His whole face lit up at Hinkelstall! It is sort of like when a guy realizes his wife has been faking orgasms their whole marriage. Ha! That was actually a great analogy.

Lo and behold when the women at the potluck bit into my wings they exclaimed, "Who made the wings? These are great!" For just a moment I thought my husband had set them up to try and boost my confidence. I was waiting for Ashton to slide down the banister and scream "You've just been punked!" And then he'd throw a chicken wing in my face. Luckily, I remembered that neither of us had ever met these women and they were being genuinely honest... they thought my chicken was f-ing delicious!

Overall, Im glad I got out of the house on both occasions. The chicken was amazing and family time is always precious. It was nice to meet other super moms/wives and spend a little adult time with someone other than my husband. I've got another event coming up this Saturday as well. Busy busy busy! Until next time, if you have a chance eat some f-ing delicious chicken :)


  1. lmao... I want to eat some f'ing delicious chicken. next time i see you, i'm expecting to eat some.


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